The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigation DVD

Image of The Edmund Fitzgerald Investigation DVD


Updated for the 2008 50th Anniversary of the launching of the "Mighty Fitz"! This 60 minute documentary is packed with interviews and exclusive archive film from the actual building of the Edmund Fitzgerald and its launch near Detroit, Michigan. From the men who drilled holes to the crane operator who lifted giant pieces in the Fitzgerald's unique sub-section construction, this video is the only program to highlight the amazing birth of the ship. You'll also hear from one of the men who rode the ship into the Detroit River, and then learn from a former mate on how the ship handled in rough weather. The 50th anniversary edition also includes never-before-seen footage of the CURV III, which was used to first explore the wrecksite after it was found in 1976. Coast Guard investigator Capt. Jim Wilson also offers new testimony to what the team saw as they probed the depths looking for answers. Included are comments from Capt. Jimmy Hobaugh, the man who braved 24 hours in the killer storm to look for survivors when the Fitz took it's fatal plunge. Also highlighted are the Delta submersible visit, explorers Jean-Michel Cousteau, Dr. Joe McGinnis, Whitefish Point's Tom Farnquist, and Harbor Branch Oceanographic's Tim Askew. This is the first and ONLY documentary to include all of the expeditions who have explored the wreck, including the bell raising project! New DVD extras include the anchor raising project from the Detroit River, a voyage on a fleet-mate of the Fitzgerald, and an interactive wrecksite map so you can explore the Great Lakes largest shipwreck on your own. Hosted by Ric Mixter, who visited the shipwreck in 1994.